Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Favourite Scents in Soap: Part 2, Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are different from essential oils when it comes to cold process soap, and they can be alot more problematic! FOs are more likely to discolour the soap or accelerate trace, plus the scent can often fade or morph into something different. So when I come across an FO I love the smell of, it behaves well in soap, and sticks, and my customers love the smell of it too … that’s an FO I will continue to buy again and again. Below are some of my favourite FOs.


Almond Biscotti - A very strong almond fragrance with a hint of sugar & pastry in the background. If you love almond scents, this is for you! Does D slightly due to the vanilla content.

Champagne - A lovely "fizzy" scent that is fantastic either on its own or blended. Behaves well, no A or D, sticks well, and it's a great scent for the festive season! 

Love Spell - A dupe of the Victoria's Secret perfume, many FO suppliers make a version but this is my personal favourite. Smells great, no A or D, and the scent sticks really well too.

Mayan Gold - A strong, exotic scent with notes of chocolate and patchouli. Customers love this one! The scent stays amazingly strong in soap, and although it does A and D slightly, it's worth the trouble.

Sensuous Sandalwood - A dead-on dupe for sandalwood essential oil, at a fraction of the cost. Beautiful on its own, also amazing blended with other single-note FOs (vanilla or orange are my favourites!). Slight A and D but again, worth it.

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Daystar Supplies

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies - A truly unique fragrance, you can really smell the buttery shortbread and the jam! No A, does D heavily to a dark brown but the scent is worth it.

Buttermilk & Honey - A sweet, milky comforting scent, I love this one. Great for milk soaps or baby soaps. It does D slightly to a tan colour, and has a tendency to overheat in the mould so keep soap temps cool and only minimal insulation.

Rose Jelly - A dupe of Lush's Rose Jam, this one smells like a turkish delight! I love it. 

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Nature's Garden

Froot Loops - I'm actually not a fan of the cereal but I LOVE this scent. Fruity and sugary and delicious. No A or D, behaves perfectly and sticks well.

Lick Me All Over - An amazing and unique blend of melons, citrus and flowers that smells like you just stepped off the boat onto a tropical island. No A or D, and sticks very well.

Nectarine & Honey - The perfect combination of tart nectarines and sweet honey. Refreshing and great for summer. No D however it does A quite dramatically so be prepared with cooler soap temps and no water discount. Scent sticks really well and is worth the trouble!

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Do you have a favourite FO you'd like to share? Leave a comment in the section below!

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  1. I love oatmeal milk and honey and Linden Blossom from Brambleberries. Erin, I would love some information like this on colours to use in CP is wonderful that you can share this with us.

  2. Thank you so much for the list - I pinned for future reference. I have a favorite EO/FO blend that I get from WholeSale Supplies Plus called Basil, Sage, and Mint. No effect on trace, no effect on color - sticks around forever and holds true to it's original scent. This one sells out every market day and I can't keep it on Etsy b/c it sells so fast.

  3. Wonderful! thanks for the tips, I was already looking at Nectarine Honey, but now will be buying the big bottle.
    I get my FOs mostly from BrambleBerry and Natures Garden, so I will write her my favs:

    Zucchini Flower (personal favorite)
    OMH (customers fav)

    Huckleberry Harvest (personal fav)
    Clean Type (customers)

  4. Those are some of my favorite fragrance oils as well, have you ever blended Love Spell with Vanilla Bean or Vanilla Forest? It smells fabulous! =)

  5. Fun! I love reading fragrance's always nice to hear someone else's take.

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  7. Thanks for this very instructive post!!

  8. Sorry, but what does it mean A and D?

    1. A = acceleration of trace
      D = discolouration